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The whole process didn’t take too long, and surprise at the desk, we were upgraded to a balcony! I noticed when I got back to the cabin that my wife had put the “do not disturb” sign on the door.That is something we didn’t splurge for, we thought that with kids and bills etc, we would take a cheaper inside room. We slept in, ate brunch then my wife wanted to go back to the cabin to relax. Expecting her to be sleeping I quietly came into the cabin. I looked out on to our balcony and there she was lying on the lounge chair. The sun was hitting the balcony just right so she was lying in complete sunlight, her golden tanned body just glistening.He said: ‘One thing I’ve learnt from studying adult ageing is that getting older isn’t necessarily a period of decline.[Age] is not a one size fits all situation, there’s a lot of variability of what ageing means.Professor Steven Mock of the University of Waterloo in Canada and colleagues looked at the attitudes of sex and ageing of a group of 1,170 adults from their mid-40s to their mid-70s over a 10-year period.

A recent survey challenged the myths about sex in later life with an audacious claim - that not only does sex get better, but some women are more sexually satisfied at 80 than they were in their 50s.

She booked us on a last minute cruise with a great price.

Being rather cheap by nature, we decided to drive down instead of fly.

After a few days in the car we arrived in Miami a day before the cruise.

We booked a hotel, and instead of starting off our cruise vacation right, with some hot lovin we were so tired, we just went to sleep. The next morning we woke up and took the hotel shuttle to the port and waited in the check in line.

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