Is sam puckett dating freddie benson

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All I can say is that this was a good premise, it's a damn shame that person didn't finish it before it got taken down. After a certain point, I'll be diverging, but until then, some rewrites here & there. Might be a slight clash in the writing styles of mine & Pock's at points. Sam, has had a crush on Freddie since their first kiss they shared together.

When Sam finds out that Carly likes Freddie, she doesn't want to hurt her best friend so she agrees to help out Carly.

" and then I'll press this button, and-Sam: Getting stuff. A cute boy is gonna be here any minute and I'm all wrinkled like an elderly raisin!!

[starts getting things out of her school bag] Here's a wig for you, [puts a wig on Carly's head] and a wig for you.

When Freddie, doesn't have the same feelings as Carly does toward him, Sam is a bit shocked.

Whe she finds out he likes someone else, she really wants to know who it is.

Carly: [to Sam] And how can you sit there and listen to that whiny nub go: [mocking Freddie nitpicking at Sam] "Bleh! Not when we have this beautiful buffet of Norwegian foods.

The show is produced by Schneider's Bakery and Nickelodeon Productions.

The series is filmed at Nickelodeon on Sunset Studios in Hollywood, California.

[everyone looks round all confused] When we show dad the cake he say "Well, why aren't the candles lit?

" and then Carly will say "Well what do you mean the candles aren't lit?

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