Physician dating former patient

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Replaces: part of 4731-27-01 Effective: 12/31/2013R. Once a physician-patient relationship is established, a person remains a patient until the relationship is terminated.(A) Except as provided in paragraph (B) of this rule, a physician shall comply with the following requirements in order to dismiss a patient from the medical practice:(1) Send notice to the patient that includes all of the following:(a) A statement that the physician-patient relationship is terminated; (b) A statement that the physician will continue to provide emergency treatment and access to services for up to thirty days from the date the letter was mailed, to allow the patient to secure care from another licensee; and (c) An offer to transfer records to a new provider upon the patient's signed authorization to do so.

(2) The notice shall be sent in one of the following ways:(a) A letter sent via certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last address for the patient on record, with a copy of the letter, the certified mail receipt, and the mail delivery receipt maintained in the patient record; (b) An electronic message sent via a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record system or HIPAA compliant electronic health record system that provides a means of electronic communication between the health care entity and the patient, is capable of sending the patient a notification that a message has been received and is in the patient's portal, and is capable of notifying the sender that a message has not been viewed or has been viewed; (c) If a notice sent via an electronic message as authorized in paragraph (A)(2)(b) of this rule is not viewed within ten days of having been sent, a letter sent in accordance with paragraph (A)(2)(a) of this rule.

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Try to determine what it is about the patient that attracts you. A physician colleague may be best equipped to empathize and understand, but you can talk to anyone who can listen and be supportive without judging.These expectations reflect both the fiduciary nature of the physician’s role, as well as the inherent vulnerability of patients when faced with the discontinuation of care.The key values of professionalism articulated in the College’s Practice Guide – compassion, service, altruism and trustworthiness – form the basis of the expectations set out in this policy.The ICJ, together with other 60 national and international human rights organizations urged today the Myanmar authorities, and in particular the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the Parliament, to ensure the repeal of the offence of criminal defamation.The ICJ has joined other leading human rights NGOs in setting out a range of specific measures to increase the effectiveness of UN Special Procedures – independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council to address particular themes or countries.

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